Tuition Adjustment

Waldorf School of Orange County Tuition Adjustment Program

The Waldorf School of Orange County is grateful for its ability to offer a comprehensive tuition adjustment program.

This wonderful program enables us to provide a Waldorf education to families that deeply value it, regardless of their ability to pay the full tuition.

It encourages socio-economic and cultural diversity while making a Waldorf education more accessible to families of varying economic backgrounds.

The primary responsibility for financing a student’s independent school education rests with their family. Accordingly, parents applying for tuition adjustment should first assess their financial status and turn to other sources before asking the Waldorf School of Orange County for assistance.

The school expects that every family is fully committed to bringing a Waldorf education to their children, and will therefore treat tuition as a priority when making financial choices and decisions in their lives.

General Guidelines

While our aim is to assure the possibility of a Waldorf education to all students interested in attending, our ability to do so is limited. The school can only stretch to meet the family’s needs when it’s clear that the family is also stretching to make a Waldorf Education a priority.

In order to fully understand the Waldorf School of Orange County Tuition Adjustment Program, applicants should read the Tuition Adjustment Guidelines. Some key guidelines are:

  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten families will not be eligible for TA unless an older sibling is enrolled and the first 12-month requirement has been met. The TA Mandate Group may make limited exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  • When all children are Grade 1 or higher, both parents are required to be employed.
    Families who participate in the Tuition Adjustment Program are expected to actively participate in Annual Giving, SCRIP, and the life of Waldorf School Orange County.

The Application Process

The TA application and all documentation must be submitted by the TA deadline set by the TA Mandate Group: March 15, 2024 for the School Year Ending in June 2025.

Applicants must provide the following documents:

  • A copy of current and previous years’ tax returns
    (including supporting documents such as 1099s and W2s)
  • 12 months of bank statements for all accounts and credit cards
  • Six months of paycheck stubs
  • For self-employed or business owners additional documentation and records may be required
  • Any other documents requested during the application process by the Tuition Mandate Group

New families must be accepted by WSOC faculty and enrolled before applying for TA.

While as a rule Tuition Adjustment is not made available to new families, exceptions might be made in certain circumstances. Tuition Adjustment Mandate Group review and approval is required for such exceptions.

To request an exception, please send a letter with a detailed explanation to:
WSOC Tuition Adjustment Mandate Group
c/o Saundy Hill, Staff Accountant

Returning families applying should submit their Registration Application, indicating on the form they wish to apply for TA by the registration deadline.

APPLY NOW to complete the Tuition Adjustment application, and submit with supporting financial documents by the deadline given.

All TA applicants are pre-screened to ensure their financial situation prevents them from paying the full tuition amount. Should the request be declined, the family will be notified in writing and given the opportunity to appeal.

If the request is approved, the family is notified in writing and invited to a conversation with the TA Conversationalist. The TA Conversation involves completing the Tuition Adjustment Agreement and creating a Conversation Report.

All documents are reviewed and finalized, and the Tuition Adjustment will be reflected in the agreed-upon monthly tuition withdrawal.

We want to help! Please contact Saundy Hill, Staff Accountant, with any further questions about the program.


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